Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Season Has Started

My roadtrip season or Dutching on Asphalt has begun!
The season starts in southern Indiana with a trip to the National Maple Syrup Festival in Medora Indiana. This is a fabulous event centered around Maple Trees, Maple Sugar and the process of Sugaring. There are re-enactors, sugaring tours, food and Dutch Oven cooking. Of course! That's why I am there...I do cooking along with a few dutch oven friends. We give away Tasty Bites to the festival goers. Everything done with maple: biscuits, brownies, gumbo, beef stew, maple pie. You name it, and we cook it with maple. Maple, the wonderful flavor for everything.
Remember, www.nationalmaplesyrupfestival.com Always the first two weekends of March!

My next trip take me Red River Cooking School with Kent Rollins. I'll be bringing back lots of cooking tips to share with everyone.

We have been cooking all winter long, but not on the Blizzard Day, Feb 1, 2011. The Great Snowcano!
The Northwoods Dutch Oven Chapter held a New Years Day celebration DOG and yes, we featured Black Eyed Peas! Food, silly, not the band. We cooked them into a curry and oh so yummy. Ham too in the shape of Ham and Cheese Biscuits.
We held our Frozen DOG on Jan 15th with temps of 18 deg, and snow flurries.
Then we gathered on a nice February day, the 12th, for Hearts R Healthy. We took a favorite recipe, adjusted ingredients and 'healthified' them. Substitute veggies, spices and low carb to make it better for you. The flamingo party birds arrived too. They look great in the snow. And with 20 people, we had quite the feast and party.

See you soon!
Remember, there's some magic in the black pot always!