Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Celebrate 100 Years of Boy Scouting

How? Go to Ottawa Illinois and to the Ottawa Scouting Museum on June 11-13, 2010.

Lots of activities and a Dutch Oven Cookoff for Youth and Adult.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Busy times

Well, it's been a while since I wrote. Busy times indeed. The Diva has made herself available to lots of opportunities. And sometimes, the opportunities just present themselves.

The Northwoods Dutch Oven group is on the go. DutchOvenDiva manages to find lots of cooking dates for herself and the club. Recent happenings are teaching Basics of Dutch Oven Cooking to a crowd of 20 at Cabela's over in Hoffman Estates, IL. Diva was asked..and so she presented, alongside her cooking buddy, Wes Stigen, cooking skills such as heat management, equipment needed, and the all important food. What we cooked in class was cobbler, several kinds of pizza, biscuits and cornbread. We used various sizes of ovens and both charcoal and lump hardwood (cowboy charcoal) for our heat source. The participants learned all about selecting ovens, preparing food and keeping a clean kitchen. Learning all about trying easy foods to begin with, then going for a whole meal! Of course, we had them cleaning ovens too. What is better than finding out how to care for your cast iron? We had fun in our 2 hr class, and everyone got to try out the food creations.

We also have done several demos with all the usual tasty bites for the adoring public! We love her is what the fan club keeps saying.

The DODiva also had a very prestigous invite this spring. The NE IL Boy Scout Council invited Diva to create the instructional model for their 2010 Powderhorn Course! The only requirements were to cook in cast iron and not do 'the usual fare'. With the challenge out front, DODiva went about creating 6 menues, 1 for each team. Some of the foods prepared by the teams were Spanish Salmon Bake, Bombay Chicken Curry, Candied Chicken, Sweet Potatoes Vindaloo, Orzo and Peas, Chipotle biscuits, pumpkin delite, coconut upside cake and apple pie. With the rousing success of this program, DODiva has been invited to Blackhawk Council Powderhorn in 2011. Another sign of positive sweetness is our engagement to do the Dessert DOG for the Training Center dedication at Camp Crown!

DODiva is also going up to Country in the Country Festival in Bear Valley, Wisconsin. We'll be doing demonstration for the public and cooking for some of the festival staff.

The Memorial Day weekend will be a time of dutch oven cooking for the Diva. She's planning to cook with friends. On her menu are Jalapeno poppers, breads of various kinds, apple pie and a winning recipe from the Cornbread Festival cookbook. That's just a start.

Now, what's in your summer plans? Want to participate in the August 14th Young Eagles Cookoff at Galt Airport in Greenwood IL? How about helping out with Women in the Outdoors in September? Enjoy yourself by cooking at the DOG and Demo up, August 7 at Blues on the Chippewa Music Fest, Durand Wisconsin.

that's about it for now..keep up with the DIVA..if you have events to share, please let me know. Until then, Keep the coals hot and Happy Trails!